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We believe that we have some of the PUREST and most DELICIOUS honey in the world. Our bees are kept in a remote area, far from any contaminants. This results in a raw wildflower honey that has a delicate, sweet, floral taste with a slight bit of spiciness. Additionally, we have our raw honey tested for the presence of glyphosate to ensure that ours is pure honey and nothing else.

Our Story


Lingonberry Farm of Alaska™ was started in 2008 by a husband and wife who believe that natural and raw foods are a staple of good health. We planted a garden, started raising chickens, and keeping bees in the Northern foothills of the Alaska Range.  We found gardening and beekeeping to be quite challenging in a mountain climate, so we started looking for a better location. 

In 2012 we purchased 650 acres of agricultural land from the State of Alaska and began to clear 45 acres of the densely forested area.  It was a very labor intensive process, and in June of 2015 it was suddenly interupted by the 11,000 acre Kobe Fire. The wind driven monster scorched nearly 550 acres of our land, and caused all of the seasonal frost and permafrost to melt, leaving us with a quagmire.  Nearly a year later, we resumed clearing operations and set up our apiary at it's present location on the farm.  Also, we have been planting as many wildflowers as possible, because the fire burned so hot, it destroyed much of the seed bank that was present before the wildfire. Through our efforts, our bees have been able to produce some of the most amazing pure honey we’ve ever tasted. Our goal is to do our part in creating more clean and healthy food for our family and friends, and to leave the following generations with land that is better than it was when we first bought it.  We're constantly working towards creating a sustainable off-grid farm, and really enjoy this not so easy, but rewarding journey. 

"Bee Sure It's Pure"™

BioChecked Non Glyphosate Certificate

When we started keeping bees, it was because we recognized a lack of clean food and health choices in stores. Our honey is produced by honey bees that collect nectar from wild flowers in rural Alaska. Our bees are kept in a very remote part of Alaska, 5 miles from the nearest paved road. We use no chemicals, antibiotics or pesticides, and we have had our honey tested for the presence of glyphosate and third-party certified to ensure that our honey is among the purest in the world.  This dedication to purity results in honey that is amazingly delicious.  

Pesticide Testing


The summer of 2019 was a very eventful one for Lingonberry Farm of Alaska™. Springtime was the usually busy time of setting up for our short but intense summer, and the honeybees were doing exceptionally well. We had ideal conditions for honey production until the second week of July, and everything indicated that we might have been on track for a record year…  First there was the 2019 Kobe fire which started on 11 July which consumed nearly 1000 acres (approximately 450 acres of our land), then a drought which persisted for another three weeks, followed by torrential rain which lasted for another three weeks. Yet in spite of all the calamity, our bees were able to bring in an average year’s harvest. 

As if this wasn’t enough drama for the year, the beekeepers to our North in the Fairbanks area were experiencing a horrible situation of their own. Throughout that entire area, pest control companies were attempting to eradicate the mosquito population, but were also reportedly poisoning everything else, including honeybees. 

After hearing this horrific news, we made arrangements with the lab to have our honey tested for the chemicals which were being used. We had previously tested for Glyphosate in 2018, and none was detected, so we added another test which looks for 306 chemicals commonly used in agriculture and pest control. We were careful to include Bifenthrin and Deltamethrin; two of the main components in the  spraying operations which were occurring. Time seemed to stand still until we received the results: No chemical residues detected. 

Our goal is to produce some of the purest and finest honey in the world, and the only way we know how to ensure that is through laboratory testing and third-party certification. Although our motto is “Purity Before Production”, we are working diligently to supply our growing number of customers.



David C. - Denver, Colorado

"Lingonberry Farm honey is my favorite. Its an incredibly pure honey because it is sourced from rural Alaska and the taste is far beyond any other honey that I have ever tasted. 


Katerina J. - Waterford, CT

" I didn't like honey until I tried this when I was visiting family in Alaska. Now I'm practically addicted."


Joy B. - Redmond, OR

"#Lingonberryfarmhoney !!! I discovered it while living in Alaska and love it so much!  I have now moved to Oregon and the owner is super kind to ship it to me here!"

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