PureAlaskan™ Certified Non-Glyphosate Honey

Glyphosate Free Honey


Our motto is “ Purity  Before Production“,  and we are  pleased to say that our honey is  BioChecked certified Non-Glyphosate. 

Why test for glyphosate? It’s the most prolific of chemicals found today, and it’s almost EVERYWHERE! 

Harvested from Remote Alaskan Hives


We go to extraordinary lengths to bring you some of the purest and finest tasting honey to be found, and we keep our bees far from any potential contaminant source.  Although we are not certified organic, we meet or exceed those standards and continually monitor for any possible changes in the area that could impact the purity of our honey. 

While organic certification is a good indicator of quality, it isn’t a guarantee of purity, so instead we choose to use our resources to verify our products through laboratory testing and third-party certification.

Taste the Difference


Just one taste tells the story...